Cbse 10th result: cbse 10th result 2021 faq, all about cbse class 10 marking scheme

By | June 2, 2021
cbse 10th result: cbse 10th result: cbse 10th result 2021 faq, all about cbse class 10 marking scheme


  • CBSE released FAQ for 10th result
  • Told when a student can be marked as absent
  • 57 questions and answers explained, how will the marking be in 10th this time

CBSE class 10 marking policy 2021: CBSE 10th Result (CBSE 10th result date) can be released in the first week of July. The board has already stated its marking policy on how the exam results will be made without it. But students have many doubts about this marking scheme. To overcome such confusion of students, parents and teachers, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has now issued Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the 10th result.

CBSE has released the FAQ on its official website A total of 57 questions and their answers have been given in it. These are questions that are commonly asked by students and parents. like –

Question: If a student has not given a single school test in the entire year, then how will his result be?
answer: Schools can now take the test of such students. These tests can be taken offline or online or by phone call. Schools will have to send proof of this test to the board.

Question: If the parents want to see the child’s test copy or get the marks verified after the result, what to do?
answer: The board has not provided any such facility for this year. You can neither view the test copy, nor apply for Marx verification.

Question: If a school has taken more than one pre board, can different pre-board marks be taken for different subjects?
answer: The result committee of that school can take appropriate decision keeping in mind the marking policy of CBSE. But they will have to mention it in the Rational Document to be submitted to the Board.

Question: Under what circumstances can a student be marked as absent?
answer: If a student is not in the city and is not available on the phone, the school can mark them as absent.
If schools are unable to contact the parents of a student who was absent in the pre board, then it can be marked as absent.

Question: CBSE has asked for marking at a maximum of 80 marks. But if a school has taken a year and exam for a maximum of 30 or 50 or 70 marks, then how will the marking be done?
answer: In such a situation, the methods mentioned below can be calculated. Suppose a student has scored 25 out of 30, then-
Out of 50
25X50 = 1250/30 = 41.66 (42 digits)
Out of 70
25X70 = 1750/30 = 58.33 (58 digits)
Out of 80
25X80 = 2000/30 = 66.66 (67 digits)

Question: If there is no additional subject examination in reference year, which is opted by a student this year, then how will you get marks in it?
answer: In addition to the main 5 subjects (two main languages, maths, science and social science), marks will be scored out of the marks of the best 3 subjects in any language or additional subject (which was not tested in the reference year of that school).

Click here to read the complete CBSE 10th result FAQ.

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