Rte 25 Maharashtra Admission 2021-22 Online Last date 30 March 2021

By | February 15, 2021


Rte 25% Admission 2021

The process of free admission of economically weaker, backward and disabled children in reputed private schools from rte 25% Admission 2021 quota has started. As per the provisions of the Right to Education Act, the right to free education of children is being implemented and in the first phase, schools will be registered till Jan 21. From February 15, parents will have to submit online applications for child admission.

The Right to Education Act (RTE) requires private schools to provide 25% free admission to backward, economically weaker sections and students with disabilities.

Online Start date 03 March 2021

Online Last date 30 March 2021

The aim is to bring the children of the disabled, backward classes and economically weaker sections into the mainstream of education. 25% of the total admission space is reserved in the first class of the primary or the primary school to which the pre-primary class is attached. The free admission process for the academic year 2021-22 has started. Schools will be registered by February 6. If d. Parents will have to submit online applications from the school education department’s website between February 20 to 5 March 2021.

How To RTE 25% Registration Online Apply?

Ans: Click Here To Link And Appy This Letter Rte 25% Maharashtra 2021

What is Last Date to Rte 25% Admission 2021

Ans: 21 March 2021

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Auto registration will be done for 25% of RTE eligible schools registered in the year 2021. However, the Department of Education has instructed that all these schools should be inspected at the group education officer’s office level and necessary action should be taken considering the migrant schools, newly acquired minority status schools and minority schools.

On Schools will have to register under RTE from January 21 to February 15. Parents will be able to fill out an online application between February 20 and March 5. The first lottery for admission will be drawn between March. Parents admitted through lottery From March to April , you will have to go to the group education officer to verify the documents, go to the school and confirm the admission. After that, the admission process will be implemented for the students on the waiting list.

Documents required for admission –

Proof of Residence, 

Date of Birth Certificate, 

Caste Certificate, 

Income Certificate, 

Medical Certificate for Disabled Children

Leaving only one for admission

The admission process for RTE was started till September last year. Therefore, the education department was the target of criticism. Against this backdrop, a single draw for admission will be made this year so that the admission process can be completed on time. .Then four waiting lists will be announced. Therefore, parents will not have to worry about whether they will get admission during the admission process. Messages will be sent to the students on the second, third and fourth waiting list till the capacity of RTE eligible schools is reached. The number will be equal to the school’s admission capacity

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