What is IGNOU? Get complete information about IGNOU in Hindi?

By | August 29, 2021
What is IGNOU? Get complete information about IGNOU in Hindi?

What is IGNOU?

If you are thinking of studying from IGNOU or you are studying from IGNOU then it is very important for you to know what is IGNOU? What is the full form of IGNOU? What courses are offered in IGNOU? And what is the fee for which course in IGNOU? Through this post, we are going to give you complete information about IGNOU in Hindi.

what is ignou

What is IGNOU

What is the full form of IGNOU? / What is the full form of IGNOU?

IGNOU full name of IGNOU i.e. its full form is Indira Gandhi National Open University Establishment of IGNOU 1985 This university is named after the former Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The headquarter of this university is located in the capital of India, Delhi and it is run by the central government.

You might not know that the name of IGNOU University comes in the world’s largest university. This is because till now more than 4 million admissions have been done in this university.

What is IGNOU?

IGNOU is a type of open university based on ODL (Open and Distance Learning) module. IGNOU is such a university in which all categories of people can get education. Especially those people who cannot go to school or college daily due to some reason. Through this university, students can get their full degree sitting at home, only they have to go to the exam center to give the exam.

The special thing about this university is that there is no age limit for taking admission in it. People whose studies were stopped or missed due to some reason can also complete their studies from IGNOU, no matter how old they are.

Those students who have got very less marks in their school or college, due to which they are not able to get admission in any other college, those students can also continue their studies by taking admission through IGNOU. There is no limit of minimum marks number in this.

The method of studying from IGNOU is completely different from all other universities. Because in this there is no classroom like other universities and colleges because Delhi is not taught in IGNOU. The students taken admission in this university get the study material by the university, using which the students have to study on their own.

Another special thing about the university is that this university takes admission twice in a year. That is, admission is taken every 6 months. If for some reason a student is not able to take admission in a regular university, instead of waiting for 1 year, he can complete his course by taking admission in IGNOU after 6 months.

Many people also believe that an open university degree is more important than a regular university degree. But it is wrong that the degree obtained from IGNOU has the same recognition as other regular universities because IGNOU is a recognized university and its recognition is everywhere in India. Earning Certificate Degree Diploma from IGNOU is everywhere.

Courses offered in IGNOU / Which courses are offered in IGNOU

Many courses are offered in IGNOU. You can get more than 200 courses in this. List of courses offered in IGNOU:-

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts, humanities, and social science
  • Computer application and IT
  • Education
  • Law
  • engineering and architecture
  • management and business administration
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Medicine and allied sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Media ,mass communication and journalism
How to take admission in IGNOU / How to take admission in IGNOU?

twice every year Admission by IGNOU University forms are taken. First in the month of May-June and second in the month of December-January. ignou official website ignou.ac.in You can also fill the online admission form through this.

After filling the online form, when you submit the prescribed course fee by IGNOU University to the university, you will receive all the books related to your course by post at your given home address. With the help of which you can give the exam by studying at home on your own.

What is the fee for IGNOU University

If you want to complete your studies from IGNOU University, then let us tell you that the fees of Vikram University are very less as compared to other colleges and universities. Students do not face any difficulty in paying its fees. If we talk about it again, different courses have different things which change every year.

That’s why we can’t tell you a fixed amount of fees. If you want to know more about the fees then you can talk to IGNORE customer support which you will find on the official website of IGNOU.

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